Wow! We are really excited about our newest collaboration.

Thornybush Game Lodge Collection is our newest client.  In September this year we started discussions around how we could assist this 5 star brand improve their already fully functioning operations and booking system. Many zoom calls followed and we then spent a majestic 10 days on-site gathering information and experiencing their amazing offering first hand. Thornybush then selected the Nebula Suite together with Travelyst as their new CRM, Reservations and Lodge Management System to be implemented during the 1st Quarter 2021.

We’re working hard with the Thornybush team to create a best-of-breed integrated system that will signal a new chapter in the Travelyst journey.

A crazy year comes to an end, but we’re looking forward to the challenges of 2021.

Wow this year has truly been one of the hardest for us all, we cannot even say that it has been specific to the Travel industry because all of us are feeling the struggle in some way or another. It does not matter what industry you are in, whether you are part of a large or small business, whether you are an entrepreneur, a teacher, a student, a child or even a stay at home parent. We have all had to make sacrifices, change our daily habits, learn a new normal and ultimately change ourselves.

The future seems to look a little brighter after the announcement last night from President Ramaphosa and we hope that this will bring tourism back to South Africa and ultimately hope for all of us navigating thorough this.

Click here to read an article about how we at Viadata, a small business have navigated the crisis.

2020 has been a disastrous year for all in the Travel Industry. At Travelyst we’ve also been severely impacted but fortunately, have been able to provide relief to most of our clients to help them through this tough time, but things are starting to look a little brighter.

We’re excited to announce our newest client, TravelHouse Africa who have just begun the implementation phase of setting up the Travelyst Software. TravelHouse Africa are a Cape Town based tour operator who are passionate about tailormade, personal travel experiences in Africa. They already provide their customers with a personalised experience and chose Travelyst as a way to enhance and improve the service they offer their clients. They also decided that the current quiet period provides an ideal opportunity to reorganise and prepare for the relaunch of the global travel industry with improved systems, business processes and customer service.

Although we do still have a few implementation slots open, keep an eye on our news feed for other new Travelyst clients that are also taking advantage of this quieter period.